Ultrasound for Midwives


Ultrasound is a wonderful tool for midwives.

We can do a scan when it is needed.

We gain information with the woman and her family.

We can use the information immediately for diagnosis and management.

We refer her for more information and skill when needed.


Ultrasound for Midwives was designed
For Midwives by Midwives.


Please enjoy this website and let us know how we can be of assistance with helping you to learn what you need to incorporate ultrasound into your midwifery care.


Contact us at: cgegor@gmail.com or call: 410-707-7607.



Get the advantage of learning in your own practice environment.

Ultrasound for Midwives is designed to be offered in your own practice.

  • No need to travel; save the expense and extra time.
  • Learn on the ultrasound equipment you will be using.
  • Scan women from your own practice population.
  • Personalized hands-on experience.
  • Train your entire staff at the same time.

The instructor will come to you for a full day of lecture in person and a full day of hands-on scanning with patients you invite to participate. The small group approach (3 - 4 midwives) allows adjustment to the needs of your practice and individual scanners.


The course comes to you!

How does that work?

Dates and times for your course will be decided at our joint convenience. This may be weekdays or weekends. The course is a minimum of two days in your facility. This may be your office practice or L&D, and a lecture space available to you. You may plan this for midwives in one practice or a group of midwives from different practice sites in a local setting. The hands-on session(s) has a maximum of 3 to 4 learners per day for the one instructor. If there are more midwives, additional days of scanning will be arranged. Lecture can be for as many midwives as are planning to do the hands –on scanning as well.

The instructor will:

  1. Bring all lecture materials (a notebook for each participant).
  2. Bring a computer and Power Point presentation
  3. Conduct lecture during the full first day.
  4. Discuss the material with the participants and answer questions as much as needed.
  5. Personalize the lectures to the needs of the group if needed.
  6. Conduct live scanning demonstrations and support the midwives in learning to manipulate the transducers and the ultrasound machine while interpreting the images being created.
  7. Individualize the support for each midwife based on their experience and learning needs.
  8. Provide a certificate for 1.65 ACNM CEUs (16.5 contact hours)

The hosting group needs to provide:

  1. A conference room large enough to conduct a lecture for the number of enrolled midwives.
  2. A projector and screen that can accommodate a computerized PowerPoint presentation.
  3. Arrange a lunch that can be eaten during the luncheon lecture on the first day. This will be paid for by the instructor.
  4. Provide a scanning environment that will have a working ultrasound machine that is equipped by both transabdominal and transvaginal transducers.  Adequate quantities of ultrasound gel and linens (fabric or paper) to provide a drape for the patient and can be used to clean the belly from the gel.
  5. A scanning space large enough for 3-4 midwives and the instructor. It is also common for the volunteer patients will bring a support person.

Arrange volunteer patients for teaching. Ideally this group will fit into the following list of patients to scan. In reality, it may be that there are more pregnant women and not enough gyn, or specific pregnancy ranges are not exact. Also, the list below identifies our goal to group the women by learning content. This is rarely possible. We are grateful for volunteers whenever they can fit into the schedule during the day.