Ultrasound for Midwives


Ultrasound is a wonderful tool for midwives.

We can do a scan when it is needed.

We gain information with the woman and her family.

We can use the information immediately for diagnosis and management.

We refer her for more information and skill when needed.


Ultrasound for Midwives was designed
For Midwives by Midwives.


Please enjoy this website and let us know how we can be of assistance with helping you to learn what you need to incorporate ultrasound into your midwifery care.


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“Ultrasound for Midwives” is being offered by the Midwifery Consulting Group, Inc.(MCG), by Carolyn L. Gegor, CNM, MS, FACNM.  MCG is a corporation owned by Ms. Gegor through which she has taught many ultrasound courses, been a medico-legal consultant, given invited lectures, and done midwifery practice consultation.

The Course

Impetus for “Ultrasound for Midwives” came from ACNM members who wanted the skills to perform scans to meet the needs of their patients, to be properly educated to do so, to be able to officially add this skill to their scope of practice, and to have certification to enable them to bill for the scans they performed. The course has been designed to meet the needs of practicing midwives.

At this time, there are very few educational courses related to hands-on scanning, that focus on these specific scanning needs for midwives. The majority of these courses require travel to the educational site to utilize instrumentation that the midwife may or may not be using in their own practice environment.

Therefore, this specific course has been designed to meet the goals of midwives. In addition, the content is designed to meet the requirements of the new Midwifery Sonography Exam that is offered by the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS) in collaboration with ACNM. The goal is to offer didactic material that directly meets the goals established by the ARDMS/ACNM. Then, the second half of the course is an introduction to the hands on skills needed to perform the eight types of exams required by the ARDMS examination.  

The first day of the course is like many courses we have all attended and for which CEUs are offered. There are 6 lecture sessions offered to as many students as have enrolled. If students have skills with ultrasound scanning and just want the knowledge based information, they will be awarded the CEUs for the first day only.

The second day is for scanning. Prior to the course, arrangements must be made by the midwifery practice participating in the course. It is necessary to have at least one quality (working) ultrasound machine available all day. A space large enough to accommodate the patient, 3-4 learners and the instructor must be available. Patients who are willing to participate as educational models will be engaged in advance. This scan will not serve as a full diagnostic scan. If anything on the scan is considered to be concerning, the patient’s provider will be notified.

If there are more than 4 learners enrolled, another day of scanning will be scheduled. Four learners are the maximum, 2 students are the minimum. During each scanning session, after an instructor demonstration, the students will rotate roles as scanner, documenter, or observer. Over many years of teaching ultrasound, this has proven to be very effective.

At the completion of the course, each participant will have been exposed to all criteria for the ARDMS exam as well as orientation to the ultrasound machine and scanning techniques needed for all scanning domains. This course does not, in itself, guarantee that the participant has acquired the knowledge needed or that the scanning skills have been mastered. It is anticipated that further self-study be done and that additional time be spent learning scanning technique.

1.65 CEUs (16.5 contact hours) have been approved by ACNM. Each participant will receive a certificate with indication of attendance and awarded CEUs.