Ultrasound for Midwives


Ultrasound is a wonderful tool for midwives.

We can do a scan when it is needed.

We gain information with the woman and her family.

We can use the information immediately for diagnosis and management.

We refer her for more information and skill when needed.


Ultrasound for Midwives was designed
For Midwives by Midwives.


Please enjoy this website and let us know how we can be of assistance with helping you to learn what you need to incorporate ultrasound into your midwifery care.


Contact us at: cgegor@gmail.com or call: 410-707-7607.



Is it time to get the ultrasound education you have been wanting?

Are you looking for both lecture and hands-on education?

This course is for the midwife who

  • does very limited scans (find the head, look for the heartbeat) but wants to learn to do more.
  • has learned to scan “on the job” but wants to have more formal education.
  • wants to take the new midwifery certification exam, but does not feel prepared.
  • wants to be able to bill for performing and interpreting scans, but needs to be certified.
  • any midwife who wants to expand their scope of practice to include ultrasound.
  • wants both lecture and hands-on experience together.